Oct 21, 2021

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Robben Island Museum officials accused of fund mismanagement cleared, new staff appointed

The Robben Island Museum has announced the completion of its investigation into the fund’s mismanagement and has confirmed the appointment of new officials.

The investigation was prompted by allegations made by the former Association of Political Prisoners that the malady was in The museum threatened to decline administrative activities. In June, the museum dropped charges against the two officers who were facing disciplinary action.

“After an investigation and a written report with legal advice to the council, as well as evidence presented by the officers involved, she did acquitted of wrongdoing, the council took the decision to end the disciplinary proceedings in June 2021, “said the museum.

In April, the Sunday Times reported that the museum was facing financial problems well beyond Covid -19 and were linked to irregularities identified in a forensic investigation by auditor Morar Incorporated that recommended disciplinary action against Mava Dada, the museum’s CEO for breach of contract.

Former inmates requested an investigation into the suspected irregular procurement of a multi-million dollar ferry and agreements among other things between ferry service providers in the November 2018.

“The museum management is now considering various options for business rationalization with effect from June of this year until normal museum operations are resumed. This includes reducing salaries by 50% with the same reduction in working hours in all areas and / or referring to Section 189 of the Labor Relations Act for operational reasons, ”said Siphuxolo Mazwi, Head of Marketing and Tourism at the museum.

The museum said it was done.

“Our energy is being directed into business development and delivering a great visitor experience to thousands of local and international tourists in the coming months.

” We We are very pleased to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Abigail Thulare, who was previously COO of National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications. Ms. Thulare is a very accomplished strategist and visionary and we have no doubt that they are leading the museum into the next era of excellence “, said Khensani Maluleke, Chair of the Museum Council.