Nov 28, 2021

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Robbers try to bite ring off woman’s finger in botched Sandton SPCA attack

A worker was hit with a gun in an attack by armed men who tried to bite off her ring during a robbery at the Sandton SPCA Tuesday morning and broke her rib.

SPCA spokeswoman Meg Wilson said, that four armed men entered the property around 8 a.m.

“They were in the office first and we didn’t know they were armed. I suppose they thought it was too big a risk because it was during our opening hours and there were a lot of staff going in and out, “said Wilson.

” They went into the parking lot and attacked our secretary, as she was on her way. “

Wilson said while two men were holding the access controller hostage in his office, the other two attacked the secretary.

” She got with one Gun hit and they broke their ribs and tried to bite the ring off her finger. She started screaming, whereupon some of us pressed our panic buttons and ran out to help her. The boys ran away, “she said.

She said the men got away with a cell phone and the woman’s wallet.

Wilson said it was the first time she had a robbery that day.

“We had robberies and a number of kidnappings in front of our gate in the evening, but it is the first time that we have an armed gang during the day had been robbed. “

She said other staff and the animals were unharmed and safe.

” Fortunately, they didn’t go inside. We have to increase our security, which costs money. We don’t get any government funding. In order for us to continue to take care of the thousands of animals that come through our door and the thousands of animals out there that are being cruelly treated, we need financial resources. “