Feb 7, 2023

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Robots deployed as search for Soweto boy who fell down manhole continues

Johannesburg EMS will deploy robots as the search continues Friday for 6-year-old Khayalethu Magadla who fell into a manhole in Soweto.

EMS spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said they would be back on site on Friday.

“This time we will also use robots, thanks to Delta Scan, a company that deals with robots in most areas of mechanical engineering,” he said.

The robots will help them clear up some of the lines that have lots of methane gas and electrical wires.

“So we’re going to use these robots to make sure we can locate Khayalethu. If we see anything along the line, we can immediately send our rescue technicians to retrieve the boy while the cleaning process continues in the split chamber,” he said.

On Wednesday Rescue workers investigated a sewer fissure chamber in Klipspruit in hopes of finding the little boy.

He fell into an open manhole while playing with friends at Eco Park in Dlamini on Sunday.

“We will also monitor this area along the split chamber area. That’s the plan for today [Friday].

“We will use all the resources we have to ensure we recover the boy so we can join the family at the Search can help closure,” he said.

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