Feb 9, 2023

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SA ranked the most dangerous country to drive in — report

SA roads have been ranked as the most dangerous to drive by 52 countries, according to a survey conducted by Zutobi, an online driver training company.

The survey took into account factors such as population, speed and seating Driver and passenger seat belt use and drunk driving rate.

Data showed SA’s overall driving score is 3.41/10.

There are an estimated 22.2 road traffic fatalities per 100,000 of the population with an estimated 31% of front seat passengers in SA wearing seat belts. South Africa also has the highest drunk driving fatality rate at 57.5%.

Malaysia has the lowest number of drunk driving fatalities at 0.1%.

< p>The other top 10 most dangerous countries to drive are Thailand, USA, Argentina, India, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Bolivia and Peru.

“Thailand is with 4.35/10 points, the second most dangerous country in the world to drive. This is because Thailand has one of the lowest rates of seatbelt wear and perhaps the primary mode of transportation is motorcycles.

“The US is ranked as the third most dangerous country in terms of driving safety, scoring a 5.03/10. This is because 29% of road traffic fatalities in the US are attributable to alcohol, consistent with the high limit for drivers’ blood alcohol concentration (0.08%),” the report states.

Norway has the highest overall driving safety score of 8.20, followed by Iceland and Estonia with 8.05 and 7.90.

In 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that SA has around 14,000 road deaths each year are to be deplored.

It pains me that our country has around 14,000 road fatalities every year.In addition to the immense In addition to the human cost of fatal accidents, there is a significant economic cost. span>Such accidents cost the country an estimated R147 billion each year. We must end this dire situation to keep our people healthy and our country productive,” he said.

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