Oct 19, 2021

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SA to get a new R5 coin – but can it be sold on for more money? [photos]

As SA Reserve Bank celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021, it is only right that we do something meaningful for this iconic milestone. For this reason the South African Mint has decided to release a new commemorative coin R5.

Can the new R5 coin be resold for more than its value?

The new currency will be put into circulation starting tomorrow, Wednesday June 30th. Its value will not be more than R5 and will circulate as usual along with other versions of the coin. So next time you get a significant amount of changes, you might come across this fresh design:

SARB is celebrating its 100th anniversary this week

The front is pretty simple and just bears our national coat of arms, the current year and the name of our country in different languages. However, it’s the back of the new R5 coin that has undergone a pretty radical makeover.

Here are the functions of the new R5 coin

We will be taken on a journey through some of the most famous currencies ever issued in South Africa. From one of the very first coins that made the rounds on our shores to an R5 piece that Madiba herself honors, a total of SIX more coins can be seen on the artwork – and they are listed as the following items:

  • – The “Dreiepenz” from 1923 comes from the time of the first Union of South Africa.
  • – There is an R1 gold coin with the image of a proud South African springbok, which was first published in 1961.
  • – We have a 20-cent coin that represents the King Protea – South Africa’s national flower.
  • – The smallest means of payment, a 1-cent coin from 1990, shows two sparrows.
  • – An R5 coin from 2008, which was issued on Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday, also makes it.
  • – Finally, there is also a 10-cent count the “fourth decimal series” of SA. It bears the image of a Cape honey bee.