Jan 27, 2023

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SABC launches investigation into ‘unauthorised’ blocking of axed news boss Phathiswa Magopeni

SABC has responded to its Twitter account banning former news agency group leader Phathiswa Magopeni from social media, saying the action was “unauthorized”.

Magopeni was banned from the SABC Twitter account this week and shared a screenshot with the caption ‘Public News Service’.

The ban caused an uproar online , and many questioned it.

In a statement, SABC said it did not know how the incident happened and would launch an investigation into the matter.< /span>

The former news chief was immediately unbanned after learning of the incident.

“SABC has no policy which authorizes an employee to ban users from the public broadcaster’s accounts or platforms. We would like to record that it has not issued any order to ban Ms. Magopeni from its platforms. Upon learning of this unfortunate incident, the company immediately unbanned its former employee,” it said.

“SABC has reached out to Magopeni to clarify the facts of the matter , and sincerely apologizes for this unfortunate incident.

“The matter is currently under investigation as this account is managed by several people within the intelligence department. Following the investigation, SABC will initiate the process to deal with consequences as this behavior is against their policies.”

SABC fired Magopeni in January with immediate effect after a disciplinary hearing she has been found guilty of misconduct by failing to prevent the airing, broadcast and publication of a prohibitedSpecial Assignmentepisode.

“You are kindly requested to turn over all SABC property in your possession to the Corporate Executive Office: Human Resources by 12 noon on January 31,” read one Letter sent to Magopeni by Madoda Mxakwe, CEO of SABC Group.

Magopeni said she objects to the findings against her and will challenge the broadcaster at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum.

< span> “We will challenge the wrongful dismissal by going back to how the disciplinary process was originally set up and how it has been managed throughout. It was consistently flawed,” she told the Sunday Times.

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