Sep 21, 2021

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Sahpra finds no link between reported deaths and the Covid-19 vaccine

The SA Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) has found no link between reported deaths and the Covid-19 vaccine.

The regulator and the National Expert Committee on Immunization Safety (Nisec) said on As of Monday, 40 reports of deaths after receiving the vaccine were investigated and 46 are still under investigation.

Prof. Hannelie Meyer, chairwoman of Nisec, said 13 of the deaths are related to Covid-19 with a single case of breakthrough infection.

“These people who died of Covid-19 are, had already incubated Covid-19 at the time of the vaccination or were infected with Covid-19 shortly after the vaccination before they could build up an adequate immune response, “she said of the Covid-19 vaccine.

< The regulator said that all drugs, including vaccines, can have side effects. However, it is said that the risks of Covid-19 vaccines outweigh any side effects as they prevent serious forms of illness, hospitalization, and death.

It says any adverse Post-vaccination event is a “harmless medical event that follows vaccination and is not necessarily causally related to vaccine administration”.

< span> es Most side effects after vaccination are mild and usually go away within the first 2-3 days after vaccination. For example: mild headache, pain and redness at the injection site, mild fever, etc.

Not all suspected side effects, even if they are minor or serious, caused by the vaccine. It is possible that the timing of the suspected adverse event coincides with the vaccination, “the regulator said.

Adverse events (AEFIs) are divided into five categories, which include anxiety-related vaccinations and accidental vaccinations Events.

Sahpra asked people with AEFI illnesses to report them via the Covid 19 safety hotline, call their doctor or download the med safety app.