Dec 9, 2021

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SAHRC inspects sites where violence unfolded in Phoenix

Chris Biyela, who lives in Bhambayi, said Friday it was painful to understand the violent events that unfolded in Phoenix during the July riots.

Biyela, speaking before the SA Human Rights Commission this week (SAHRC) testified. Investigation hearing into the riots, led the inspection of locations in the northern Durban suburb where incidents of violence occurred.

On Tuesday he told the commission that he narrowly escaped the wrath of an angry group of Indians, while driving through Phoenix.

The hearing in Durban looks at the causes of the unrest, in which 36 people were killed.

The incidents of violence in July have affected relations between communities in At and during the height of the riot, they received news that Police Minister Bheki Cele had visited the Phoenix area.

On Friday, Biyela, accompanied by a SAHRC team and the media, pointed out several spots on the Phoenix Highway where roadblocks were erected by residents.

He was appointed by Police Minister Bheki Cele to head an investigation team for the community.

Biyela told during the inspection how Thulani Mseleku from Inanda arrived a traffic light on the car Bahn was attacked during the riots.

He also took the team to the traffic lights near the Phoenix Police Station, where, he said, “one of the most dangerous barricades” had been set up.

< p> “There was shooting here. Lots of people ran to the police for help.

“We don’t know exactly what happened. They weren’t able to open cases until a few days later. Lots of people were injured,” he said.

Biyela told TimesLIVE outside the police station that the inspection brought back traumatic memories.

“I still remember it. I was lucky to get away that day,” he said.

The hearing, which started on Monday, is expected to last three weeks and its aim is to determine the loss of life, exposure to retail malls, schools, transport systems and hospitals, and such as inequality, poverty, hunger and food insecurity has been exacerbated by the riots.

Reports are also being investigated that many street communities exhibited excessive use of violence, racial profiling, arson, murders and speculation about orchestration of the riot .