Oct 19, 2021

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SASSA R750 food voucher? Scores of people gather as fake messages circulate

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in KwaZulu-Natal has drawn the public’s attention to fake news circulating on social media indicating that unemployed people are being given a R750 grocery voucher.

SASSA said the messages are not true and are misleading the public, with large numbers of people gathering outside the KwaZulu-Natal offices in violation of COVID-19 regulations.


SASSA spokesman Sandy Godlwana said a message was recently shared on social media, leading some people to believe that SASSA is issuing R750 grocery vouchers to the unemployed.

“These reports are not true and are deceiving the public. It is unfortunate that numerous people responded to this fake news by visiting the SASSA offices in Ladysmith and Dundee, and in large numbers in violation of COVID-19 large gathering restrictions, “she said.

“This undermines government efforts to contain the spread of the virus as the number of people who test positive increases,” she added .

SASSA has urged people to exercise caution so as not to be fooled by fake news.

“We appeal to our people to be vigilant. If people are unsure if information is from SASSA, they need to contact us immediately or call our customer service number 033-846-3400 or 0800-60-10-11 to verify that this information is correct, ”SASSA said .

SRD ASSIGNMENT AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO FULFILL THE CRITERIA < / h2> ple and they remain the cornerstone of key government programs to combat the poverty that affects people at risk.

“One such grant is Emergency Social Assistance, which is a temporary allowance for people who are in such dire straits that they cannot meet their most basic needs or those of their families, “she said.

This grant is Paid to eligible persons who meet the following criteria:

  • Awaiting payment of an approved grant;
  • The E The breadwinner of the household has died and the claim will be made within three months of the date of death;
  • The breadwinner of this household has been found medically incapable of doing any paid job;
  • The breadwinner of this household has been placed in a government funded facility;
  • Person has been affected by a disaster; and
  • Malnourished children.