Sep 20, 2021

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Sassa shuts down ‘no vaccine, no R350 grant’ claims

The SA Social Service Agency (Sassa) has dropped claims that those who have not been vaccinated will miss out on the R350 Emergency Social Service (SRD) grant.


The span> grant was reintroduced to to help people “who are in dire material need and unable to meet the most basic needs of their families”, including those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and riots in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

More than 12 million people have received the grant in R350 amount requested, with millions receiving their first payment last cycle.

However, a fake news report was circulated that those who did not receive the Covid-19 vaccination were not eligible for the Have scholarship.

Sassa requested the closure of the application and called it “wrong”.

“The Covid-19 vaccination is not Te il of the special application criteria for Covid-19 SRD grants, “it said.

In May, the agency warned of fake news circulating on social media and beneficiaries of the grant claiming a” triple payment “Received from R1.050 if they had not received any payments in the last few months.

” Warning. If you haven’t received your last R350 in the past [sic] months. Lots of people got R700 Sassa yesterday and some got three times the salary of R1.050 “Read the message before directing people to a Google link.

The agency dropped the message and said that it is not true and does not come from Sassa.

The SA Post Office (Sapo) also warned beneficiaries against falling for a scam that promises to get them a place in line

A statement sent to TimesLIVE said it had “drawn attention to cases where self-proclaimed queue marshals were charging customers visiting their stores Request a place at the top of the queue “.

Sapo said it was illegal and those responsible could be charged.