Sep 20, 2021

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School choirmaster fired for telling teen he wanted to be ‘virgin breaker’

A school choir master who told a 14-year-old singer that he wanted to be her “virgin breaker” failed in his attempt to keep his job.

Xolani Madalane was from Linge Primary in Nyanga sacked, Cape Town, after a disciplinary hearing he was found guilty of three malpractice charges.

An Education Labor Relations Council arbitrator dismissed his appeal this week, saying she had the Facebook Found messenger messages that Madalane had sent the teenager “totally” repulsive. “

The teacher said to the girl:” I love you, do you love me back? … I want to be in love with you … are you a virgin? … I want to be your virgin breaker … can you give me sex? … when will you agree to be my girlfriend? … I love sex … I want to sleep with you. “

Referee Gail McEwan also upheld the disciplinary hearing’s finding that Madalane was guilty of misconduct for texting the girl at 3am while texting the 2019 choir camp in Strandfontein asking for him to appear their room.

The teacher was found guilty of assaulting at least 10 students in a 5th grade English class by hitting them on the palms of their hands with a massive plastic pipe, some of which were in tears breaking out. He denied all charges.

In her findings this week, McEwan criticized Linge Primary for “a certain level of toxicity”. Headmistress Xolisa Gongota clearly sided with Madalane, she said, and another teacher was forced to ask a social worker to see the student he was aiming at.

“It is a sad state of being when learning needs support, the headmaster is not trusted to be able to handle the matter, “said McEwan.

She also criticized the chairperson of the governing body, who said her corporal punishment with a plastic whistle was the norm at Linge Primary

And she said it was “unreasonable” to keep the school’s 60 choir members until 3am to do the choir Eisteddfod of the SA Schools rehearsing.

McEwan said Madalane – the father of a seven- the year old and former student of the University of Cape Town Opera School repeatedly changed his story when evidence emerged during the arbitration hearing.

He finally admitted that 14-year-old sent Facebook messages to their room at 3am and attacked at least 10 students, admitting previous occasions where he had used corporal punishments.

“As Madalane’s wrongdoing admitted to being charged, it was naive and hopeless for him to expect me not to find him guilty, “said McEwan.

She said Madalane was unsuitable for working with children and called on the SA Pedagogical Council to revoke its teaching certificate.