Sep 25, 2022

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Semi-automatic 9mm pistol used in Cape Town attorney Mihalik’s murder

Crime scene photos were turned over in evidence in the Cape Town High Court on Tuesday, showing the bullet holes in the vehicle of murdered Cape Town lawyer Pete Mihalik.

One of the defendants, Sizwe Biyela, looked over the shoulder and saw photos of the murdered lawyer sitting in the driver’s seat of his black Mercedes-Benz in front of his children’s school in Greenpoint on October 30, 2018.

Biyela, Nkosinathi Khumalo and Vuyile Maliti face the murder of Mihalik and the attempted murder of Mihalik’s son.

A police ballistics expert, Warrant Officer Aasiyah Allie, testified that she was called at 8:15 am to a shooting at the corner of Thornhill Road and Calvacade Road .


“We found a parked vehicle with two bullet holes on the driver’s side and a dead man in the driver’s seat,” she told the court.

“There were two cartridges fired falls next to the deceased’s vehicle . This usually comes from a semi-automatic pistol ejecting its cartridge cases from the ejection port after firing.”

One bullet hit Mihalik in the head, penetrating the skull, and the other superficially perforating his head.

This second bullet hit Mihalik’s son, who was sitting in the back seat behind his father.

Allie explained that this happened because the second bullet, after penetrating the window, hit the driver’s plastic Armrest, causing the missile jacket to separate from the missile core.

This separation would cause the missile to change direction toward the boy in the back seat.

A missile casing was found on the road surface under the driver’s door, believed to be from the second bullet.

“A semi-automatic gun doesn’t always have the casing dislodge from the core, but it does,” said Allie.

“The bullets are correct with a semi-automatic 9-m m Parabellum weapon.”

Cronje Kriel, the defense l As a witness for Maliti, he told the witness that both shots were fired at the driver and the boy was not the intended target. Allie said she couldn’t say who the intended target was.

Security footage of the incident is expected to be shown in court next week.

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