Dec 9, 2021

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Senior cop in kidnap unit accused of extorting cash from family of victim

A senior Johannesburg police officer was accused of trying to extort money from the family of a businessman who was kidnapped in the city’s CBD in April.

In a synopsis , which was broadcast on Carte Blanche on Mnet on Sunday night , the officer was appointed commander of the police kidnapping team.

The investigative program was playing Audio recordings of a family friend of the kidnapping victim captured.

The recordings can be heard as a man who is believed to be the lieutenant colonel tells the family friend who does all business on behalf of the family The police took care of it – it took R40,000 to secure the safe return of the kidnapped man.

At this point, the kidnappers had to operate their 6 million ransom demand.

The friend of the Family said Carte Blanche the officer would call him around the clock and through the Fo Report the case, but suddenly he changed his mind and asked for R40,000 to ensure a quick resolution of the case.

“If we do 40, what do you say so I can push these other people ? ” you can hear it said in relation to R40,000.

The family friend is looking for clarity as to whether he wants R4,000 or R40,000. The officer asks him to say what he can offer so that he can “push these people”.

“You tell me what you want. I’ll give you whatever you want, “the family friend can be heard saying.

” Let’s not ask too much. Then let’s get R20k, ”the police officer can be heard saying, lowering his demand.

Hours before the abductee was released, the man who was believed to be the police officer was on another shot to hear who called the family friend and asked if their agreement is still valid but will raise the price back to R40,000.

The officer has been arrested by the Hawks and sees himself on two occasions Faced Corruption. He is expected to appear in court on Monday.

In a written reply to the Carte Blanche , the officer denied the allegations against him and indicated that the matter was being dealt with by the court would.

The SA police service was not immediately available for comment.