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Senzo Meyiwa murder trial — 5 revelations and allegations that have SA talking

In the trial of Senzo Meyiwa’s murder, South Africans reiterated their demands for justice for the slain former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper.

The Pretoria High Court this week cross-examined Sergeant Thabo Mosia. who was called to survey the crime scene after Meyiwa’s assassination.

Defense Attorney Malesela Teffo has put Mosia to the test over several allegations regarding Meyiwa’s assassination, including that the star was allegedly abused by his girlfriend and mother of her child, Kelly Khumalo, was shot dead. accidentally.

He said an “eyewitness” would attest to this and claimed Meyiwa was taken to the hospital when he was already dead. This was intended to obscure evidence of how he had died, he said.

Meyiwa was gunned down in October 2014 in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg, in the presence of Khumalo in what was described as a botched robbery mother Ntombi, sister Zandi , Zandi’s friend Longwe Twala and Senzo’s friends Mthokozisi Twala and Tumelo Madlala.

Here are five allegations made during the trial SA is speaking about:

Two allegations for Meyiwa’s case

Teffo said there were two prosecutors and two investigators assigned to investigate Meyiwa’s murder. He said officers had different versions of what happened and were both pursuing different suspects. He said this was unprecedented.

Khumalo allegedly shot Meyiwa

Teffo claimed the gun Khumalo allegedly used to kill Meyiwa was a Revolver and owned Longwe Twala, former lover of Khumalo’s sister Zandile and son of musician Chicco Twala.

Mosiah declined to comment on the allegations.

Meeting to find evidence of to hide the murder

Teffo also claimed there was a meeting between senior Gauteng police management, including former Gauteng security and liaison Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, before Mosiah went to the scene was called.

Accordingly, according to Teffo, the purpose of the meeting was to hide evidence of Meyiwa’s murder.

Mosiah said he was unaware of the meeting.

Remove Meyiwa’s body from the crime scene

Teffo claimed that the transfer of Meyiwa’s body from Hospitalized at the main site of the murder was part of a plan hatched by the police and Khumalo’s family to hide evidence on him w the former Orlando Pirates goaltender was murdered.

“He was supposed to be in the hospital morgue because the people in the house already knew he had died and it was also done to avoid family members, friends or people Senzo knew as he was supposed to go to his colleague’s birthday party,” Teffo said.

Attempted robbery and scuffle between Meyiwa and suspect< /p>

Teffo asked Mosiah if he didn’t find it odd that “robbers” were only targeting Meyiwa and not the other residents he told that other people might have survived the robbery.

“It’s possible. I explained earlier that it’s possible for one person to get shot in a robbery and others survive,” said Mosiah.

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