Sep 25, 2022

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Shell court case prompts climate protest in Cape Town

Protesters rallied in Cape Town on Saturday before a court ruling over Shell’s oil and gas exploration.

Community groups obtained a temporary hold on the company’s seismic survey in front of SA in December pending a decision on it A further environmental permit is required for the work to continue. The case will resume on Monday.

Protesters held signs bearing the Shell logo and reading “Stop all seismic blasting,” which they argue would harm local marine life and disrupt fisheries , while the company adheres to this practice, which is well-established and in line with industry standards.

Efforts to block such activity have gained momentum in South Africa, reflecting a broader movement against oil and gas companies throughout the world switch to cleaner fuels. A separate survey off the country’s west coast was blocked earlier this year after activists warned the work would harm marine life.

The Department of Natural Resources and Energy supports the exploitation of oil and gas, both of which are are imported due to a lack of domestic production. France’s TotalEnergies is among companies hoping to tap gas discoveries of recent years.

Shell and TotalEnergies have also found oil in neighboring Namibia, in the offshore Orange Basin, which stretches across the sea border .

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