Feb 7, 2023

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Should public health measures be scrapped now the fifth wave has passed?

The government’s decision not to lift all health restrictions was a hot topic, with many calling for the Covid-19 measures to be scrapped.

Last month the The Health Department extended the deadline for public comment on the proposed Covid-19 rules by three months.

Health Secretary Joe Phaahla said the July 5 extension was consistent with the legal requirements and will allow the department sufficient time to review allcommentsand representations related to the regulations.

He said: “Despite current procedures for soliciting public comment on health regulations, there remains a need to provide options to address the Covid-19 pandemic and other reportable diseases without invoking a state of national disaster.”

Phaahla said Covid-19 remains a life-threatening disease and the country is not out of the woods yet.

Has SA passed the fifth wave?

SA passed the peak of the fifth wave last month, with data showing infections have peaked and are declining.

< span>According to the executive Researcher of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Dr. Ridhwaan Suliman, the number of new infections has slowed down.

I was talking about eNCA< span> Suliman said: “We have it The peak of the fifth wave of Covid-19 infections in SA has far passed.

“We can confirm that The number of confirmed cases is declining. In addition, test positivity is also decreasing.”

Should all public health measures be abolished?

< p>< span>According to Caprisa director and epidemiologist Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, there is no simple answer to this question.

“Some would say that as soon as measures such as masks and social If distancing is dropped, it would be difficult to turn it back on when needed in the future,” he said.

“Others argue that prevention holidays increase compliance with public measures when required are. Regardless of which viewpoint best applies to a population at any given time, there are simple measures that could be considered during times of low transmission to help people live smartly with the coronavirus – not to it with precautions exaggerate or concede defeat to the virus.”

Phaahla said the ministry disagreed with those who want it to drop all regulations.

He said that the government takes no pleasure in bothering citizens with restrictions.

“We apologize where we have wronged you , but please rest assured that all interventions were and are still intended to help us all avoid the serious effects of Covid-19.

“We are totally disagree with critics who argue that we should take all measures in the Letting go of public health and letting the virus spread at will, just worrying about whether hospitals are full,” Phaahla said.

He reiterated the measures that taken by the government using the Civil Protection Act They are not meant to control people but to protect SA from the harshest effects of Covid-19.

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