Dec 8, 2022

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Sihle Zikalala expresses gratitude for donations made in response to KZN floods

Prime Minister of KwaZulu-Natal Sihle Zikalala thanked organizations and individuals for the influx of donations in response to the recent deadly flooding in the province.

Torrential rains and landslides have ravaged the province last month, destroying homes and infrastructure and displacing thousands of people.

More than 400 people have died and dozens are missing. Nearly 4,000 homes were destroyed, more than 40,000 people were displaced and more than 600 schools were affected.

Zikalala unveiled its departmental budget on Thursday, saying among those responsible for the province The solidarity fund for flood relief was the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation.

“Allow us to recognize the assistance our province has received from the Motsepe Family Foundation, Avbob, Gift , received by Givers, Absa, Rivers Church, Hillgrove Hindu Temple, Revival and Mission Center, The Catholic Church, The Salvation Army and Covenant Fellowship Church International.

“We ask It is with gratitude that the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation donated R1m to the Solidarity Fund for flood relief efforts. We welcome Cosatu’s decision to use International Workers’ Day to contribute to the flood relief effort in KwaZulu-Natal and donate R500,000 worth of goods,” said Zikalala.

He said he had no doubts that as the national government continues to rebuild the province and help the survivors, many more individuals, companies, organizations, unions and unions would offer their helping hand.

< p>The EFF donated R500,000 to the Eschol Community Church, which is hosting people affected by the floods.

The party also donated blankets and food packages to 500 affected families to help.

Zikalala has assured South Africa that aid funds intended to help those affected will not be looted.

” All resources are allocated for flood relief and the recovery and rebuilding process is used in accordance with fiscal propriety, accountability, transparency and openness,”Zikalala said.

< span>He said the provincial government learned lessons from corruption during of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Corruption, mismanagement and fraud will not be tolerated or associated with this province.

“The work is of high quality and good value for money. We have established monitoring bodies, including the Auditor-General. We will act decisively, without fear, favoritism or prejudice against anyone who exploits resources intended to help communities in need.”

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