Oct 21, 2021

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Silent protesters call for an end to cyclist deaths

Dozens of cyclists and supporters of those killed and injured in road accidents gathered outside Kempton Park District Court Thursday morning to draw attention to the trial of a taxi driver accused of mowing down cyclists Janine Hopkins and Frans Duys / p>

The group held up posters and lined the streets as they protested in memory of the training friends known as the silver foxes who were killed during training one early Saturday morning.

The case was today brought to justice – and so the local community used the event to show solidarity and raise awareness of the matter that will eventually go to court.

Hopkins and Duys are said to have been hit with their tandem bike with a taxi that drove a red robot on November 30, 2019.

“Janine died on the scene and Frans died on the way to the hospital. Even though the police were there The taxi driver was not arrested and was allowed to kick the broken windshield out of his taxi and just drive off, “said Hopkins’ partner Dawn Burnett.

Hopkins and Duys were celebrities Personalities of the local cycling scene. Hopkins was the assistant principal and career counselor at Boksburg High School while Duys owned Tour de Frans Cycles.

Cyclist Allouette Mendes teamed up with Burnett after the incident. Together they founded the group “Stop Killing Cyclists SA” to draw attention to the dangers of cyclists on the road and to keep the trial against the man who rode in Duys and Hopkins open to the public.

Mende’s husband Darryl was seriously injured in a bicycle accident four years ago and is still not fully recovered. He drove into a car that skipped one stop, broke his neck, broke his back and suffered brain injuries. He was in intensive care for 12 days.

“We just want people to pay attention to cyclists on the street – because no matter who is wrong, it is always the cyclist who is weakest and the one being taken out. We also just want those who cause these terrible accidents to be held accountable, ”said Mendes.