Dec 9, 2021

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Snoekie sniffs out concealed drug stash headed for Cape Town

Snoekie, the sniffer dog, has outsmarted an alleged drug smuggler trying to transport R800,000 worth of Mandrax to Cape Town.

“Efforts to combat drug trafficking in this province came with the arrest of an arrested suspect rewarded with a considerable amount of Mandrax tablets last night [Tuesday} in Worcester, “said Colonel Andrè Traut, police spokesman for the Western Cape.

” Members of the Breede River K9 unit responded to information that a white Mercedes-Benz Vito van drove to Cape Town with the drugs that were supposedly intended for the Christmas season.

“The target vehicle was stopped and searched by Snoekie, the sniffer dog and his handler. The dog responded positively Medicines in a sealed compartment, which then led to the discovery of 20,000 Mandrax tablets with an estimated street value of R800,000 arrested and due to appear on trial in Worcester.