Dec 9, 2022

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South Africans reportedly not allowed to board Ryanair for failing this Afrikaans test — How would you do?

Many are in an uproar after Irish airline Ryanair forced SA passport holders traveling to and from London to answer an Afrikaans general knowledge quiz before boarding their plane.< /p>

South African travelers had to fill out a questionnaire in Afrikaans to prove their citizenship.

In conversationwith< /span> News24 Ryanair said it was responsible for “ensuring that passengers are properly documented for travel to their destination” under Section 40 of the UK Immigration and Asylum Act from 1999.

“Due to the recent increase in passengers attempting to travel with counterfeit SA Passports, our handling agents are unable to process passengers traveling with SA Passports who were traveling during be flagged for procedural security profiling, also complete a simple questionnaire They must complete a security assessment to confirm they are correctly documented prior to travel,” it said.

“As language professionals ency is the least intrusive further security assessment method, this questionnaire is used in Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s most widely spoken official languages.”

Department for International Relations and Cooperation ( Dirco) spokesman Lunga Ngqengelele told Jacaranda FM the department is looking into the Claims.

“We know from what we’ve heard from the media. We are investigating the matter by speaking to our British colleagues,” Ngqengelele said.

He said the department would consider a report on the incident before moving on deal with the matter.

“We hope to have much to say when we have the report.”

The British Embassy in South Africa also responded, claiming that the quiz was not one of the UK Government’s requirements for entry into the country.


The 15 questions asked before boarding the flight were:

  1. Watter van die The following is Suid-Afrikaanse hoofstede? (Which of the following are SA capitals?)
  2. What is Suid-Afrika se amptelike Geldeenheid? (What is the official currency of South Africa?)
  3. Noem drie van Suid-Afrika se amptelike tale? (Name three of the official languages ​​of South Africa?)
  4. Aan watter kant van die pad bestuur ‘n mens in Suid-Afrika? (Which side of the road do you drive on in SA?)
  5. What is Suid-Afrika se internationale landkode? (What is the international country code of South Africa?)
  6. What is the name of the largest city in South Africa? (What is the name of the largest city in SA?)
  7. What is the name of the real President of South Africa? (Who is the current President of SA?)
  8. Noem een ​​​​van Suid-Afrika se nasionale vakansiedae? (Name one of the national holidays in South Africa?)
  9. What does the naam van die hoogste berg mean in South Africa? (What is the name of the highest mountain in South Africa?)
  10. Wat is the naam van die bekende berggreeks in Kaapstad what sommige glo is een van die oudste berggreeks in die wêreld? (What is the name of the famous mountain range in Cape Town, which some believe is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world?)
  11. Wat is Suid-Afrika se nasionale blom ? (What is the national flower of South Africa?)
  12. Waar is Suid-Afrika se nasionale dier? (Where is the national animal of South Africa?)
  13. Waar is the Uniegebou geleë? (Where are the Union Buildings located?)
  14. What is Suid-Afrika se nasionale sport kleure? (What are the national sports colors of SA?)
  15. Watter een van die volgende is ‘n known Suid-Afrikaanse rivier? (Which of the following is a well-known South African river?)

On social media, many expressed differing opinions on the questionnaire, saying the airline was “unmusical or just plain wrong ignorant”.

Here is a snapshot of what many had to say:

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