Dec 9, 2021

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Soweto ‘body parts in fridge’ accused in second suicide attempt, says lawyer

The trial of murder accused Flavio Hlabangwane – whose refrigerator in Soweto allegedly contained human body parts – was postponed on Monday due to an apparent suicide attempt.

Hlabangwane’s attorney told the Protea Magistrate Court that he had attempted suicide undertaken Monday morning and requested that he be placed under surveillance in Johannesburg Prison. So far, he has been held in custody at Moroka Police Station.

Magistrate David Mhango ordered the 26-year-old to be taken to the hospital section of Johannesburg Prison.

The lawyer said, that a motion would be made for him to undergo a mental examination.

Hlabangwane avoided eye contact in the crowded court and looked down the entire process.

Angry Soweto residents said they want him to be bailed so they can “deal with him.”

Mandla Dube, who was on trial as a concerned resident, said he would like to see Hlabangwane Pleaded guilty and not wasted court time.

Hlabangwane was arrested after his partner allegedly discovered human body parts in his refrigerator in his Protea Glen home after going shopping.

< The police spokeswoman Brig Brenda Mur idili said an off duty police officer lived in the area responded to the crime scene.

After the gruesome discovery, Hlabangwane stabbed himself in an alleged suicide attempt and was hospitalized.