Feb 7, 2023

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‘Spud’ school in race row over slur aimed at St John’s hockey player

Two of SA’s top private schools canceled their annual derby day on Saturday following allegations of racial slur during a hockey game.

Rugby and hockey matches between Michaelhouse in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and the St. John’s College in Johannesburg have been cancelled.

A letter from the school’s management to parents said the Michaelhouse boy who allegedly spoke the insult has been suspended pending a formal disciplinary hearing as a precautionary measure.< /p>

The insults came Friday night during a first-team hockey game at the Michaelhouse – which was used as the set for the film Spud – said Michaelhouse principal Antony Clark and Stuart West, executive headmaster of St. John.

Their letter states: “Both Michaelhouse and St. John’s agree to condemn all forms of racism and discriminatory behavior.

“Among these circumstances are s I the Heads of both schools agree that this is not appropriate for the other Hockey and rugby games scheduled for today, Saturday 28 May are taking place and we have canceled our games.

“Schools have been and continue to strive to work together to ensure that their students recognize and respect the dignity of all human beings.”

Instead of playing their fixtures, St. John’s Boys took buses back to Saturday Johannesburg.

Another sporting spat erupted in two of Cape Town’s top boys’ schools last Saturday when Bishops students threw R2 coins at Wynberg supporters after losing a first-team rugby match .

Bishop’s principal, Tony Reeler, said the incident was not in line with the school’s values. “An internal investigation is underway and those we identify as responsible for this incident are being treated.

“This is not representative of most boys, staff, parents or old boys at our school. The small number of students responsible for this incident has embarrassed our broader school community.

“We sincerely apologize to everyone at Wynberg Boys High with whom we have a longstanding and respectful relationship .”

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