Oct 3, 2022

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Staring at a loan to cover extra travel costs: Kulula customers left in cold as Comair grounds flights

One of the frustrated customers impacted by Comair grounding its local British Airways and Kulula.com flights doesn’t know how to fix the inconvenience.

Lucky Jayden, 31 , booked Kulula tickets for four family members who are visiting him in Cape Town from Mpumalanga for a ceremony.

Late Tuesday evening, he received a text message that his family, who were due to travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg on Wednesday morning, unable to travel.

This comes after British Airways and Kulula.com, operated by Comair, voluntarily grounded flights due to a financial crisis, causing inconvenience to numerous customers across the country.

“It was 11.45pm Tuesday when I received the text message from Kulula that their flights had been grounded. You said your flight was unfortunately cancelled. See updates on social media. Nothing about refunds, nothing about alternative travel arrangements,” said an irate Jayden.

He said he spent R3,932 on the tickets and had he been aware of the risk of a possible suspension he would have Done used the money to buy bus tickets.

“I’m literally out of cash because they were supposed to be here for a ceremony. For a ceremony spend. My budget is affected. I’ll probably have to take out a loan and I don’t know if I’ll get a refund,” he said.

Johannesburg’s Simon Brown was due to travel from Johannesburg to Durban June 15-19 for a holiday with his Mrs.

He said he bought Kulula tickets about two weeks ago and spent about R4,000.

“I will book or travel with another airline. But with the high price of gas, driving doesn’t come cheap.”

He searched the airline’s website for customer advice and was told, “I can request a voucher or request a refund.” However, he said, “Given your funding issues, do you have the money to refund me?”

“I also see that some tickets for the same route are more expensive than what I paid for Kulula he added.

Comair got involved in the company bailout two years ago. In Tuesday’s statement, the airline said it was in the process of securing funding to keep its planes aloft .

“The Company’s Business Rescue Practitioners have advised that the process to raise the necessary capital is underway and there is reason to believe that such financing can be secured.Once obtained , the airline will be able to resume operations, but regrettably under these circumstances practitioners have no choice but to voluntarily suspend all scheduled flights until funding is confirmed,” Comair said.

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