Dec 7, 2022

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‘Stopping migration is like stopping the sun from rising,’ says Gauteng premier David Makhura

Gauteng Prime Minister David Makhura says the increase in the number of local and international migrants in the province is increasing demand and competition for access to opportunities, including jobs, has increased.

Makhura answered questions about migratory pressures on Gauteng this week.

He said that more than 47% of the Migrants in SA, local and international, eventually made Gauteng their home.

“Migration is one of the top seven global issues facing the world today, including SA.

“Forty-seven percent of all domestic and international migrants end up in Gauteng. Almost half of all migrants who come to SA, no matter where they come from. The rest will become clear at the end. Even internal migrants, in other words more than 50% of people moving from rural areas to the cities, come to Gauteng.”

Makhura said the migration is post-provincial preparation like headaches and trying to stop them was “like stopping the sun from rising and setting”.

He acknowledged that some migrants bring thriving businesses with them that employ people.

“We must accept that migration increases demand and competition for access to jobs, economic opportunities, basic services, housing and infrastructure. Demand increases when you have migration, but migration also brings opportunities.

“Those who come often are entrepreneurs, some established companies, dynamic companies employing people. Others bring skills to our economy, so it’s a losing battle. Anyone who thinks they can stop migration in any part of the world is like stopping the sun from rising and setting. The problem is managing migration.”

Earlier this week Employment and Labor Minister Thulas Nxesi said his ministry was finalizing a directive to help regulate the scale , which will allow foreign nationals to be employed in SA.

Nxesi responded to truck drivers blocking roads on the N3 after drivers complained that Jobs were taken by legal and illegal foreign workers.

Drivers complained that they were overlooked by transport companies in favor of foreign drivers.

Nxesi said the government was determined to solve the problems in a way that ensured the long-term viability of interventions, some of which would require a “longer runway” due to legislative changes.

One of the most important ways , which the reg The plan to address this was through the proposed National Labor Migration Policy (NLMP).

The policy aims, among other things, to achieve a balance between all areas, including the Expectations of South Africans for access to jobs amid worsening unemployment and perceptions that foreigners are distorting access to the labor market.

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