Sep 19, 2021

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Sunday Times and The Tshedo Impact donate 1,000 books to Gauteng schools

Four schools in Gauteng celebrated World Literacy Day with students reading to them after the Sunday Times donated 1,000 books to them on Wednesday.

The donation was a partnership between the Sunday Times and The Tshedo Impact, a foundation founded by entrepreneurs Dolly and Tshepo Mahloele.

The Tshedo Impact celebrated World Literacy Day together with Unesco and other like-minded organizations around the world.

The one from Sunday Times donated books were delivered by The Tshedo Impact to schools in Centurion, Randfontein and Mabopane. The foundation’s curators visited one of the schools, the Valhalla Primary School in Centurion, to deliver books and read to the children for some time. This week is also the National Reading Week.

The Tshedo Impact is a non-profit organization founded five years ago to make a difference in education and entrepreneurship. It has been involved in several educational initiatives. At the heart of the foundation is the belief that everyone can make their life successful.

“Sometimes people just need the right kind of support and guidance to realize a person’s potential. The donation is our little opportunity to help these children make their lives a success, ”said Dolly, adding that this year was World Literacy Day celebrated with children facing a range of challenges.

“We dream of an SA in which every child can read and write and in which every child starts and finishes school in record time. But this dream is under threat as many children are still not going to school because of Covid-19.

“It’s sad that many early childhood development centers that were closed in the first few weeks of the lockdown are still not opened their doors to children who so urgently need access to these educational institutions. It is also a sad fact that thousands of schools across the country are still not operating at pre-Covid-19 levels.

“In South Africa, the pandemic has disrupted school classes and the way changes how our children are taught and learned. The time our children spent outside of the classroom may never be restored. But with a book in hand, these kids can still read and find a way to escape the harsh realities of this pandemic, even if they may not be in the classroom. Therefore we are happy that we can donate these books. ”