Jul 28, 2021

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Suspect accused of assault vents anger by attacking attorney sitting in court

Dissatisfied with the Magistrate decision to take him into custody, an angry suspect, charged with the assault, beat a lawyer unrelated to his case at the Wynberg Magistrate Court in Cape Town.

Rencken said she was sitting next to the accused box because she had to say something to the prosecutor.

According to her, the man left the accused box after hearing the magistrate’s decision and hit her without hesitation or warning.

“He came with an open hand and hit me. I sat in a chair with my back against the wall. When he hit me, I hit my head against the wall and then fell off my chair. “

The Western Cape Police Spokesman, Captain FC Van Wyk, confirmed that a case of joint attack has been recorded and is being investigated by the Wynberg SAPS.

” On May 20th around 10.30 am Clock the applicant, a 46-year-old woman (a lawyer), was in Wynberg District Court 2 and was engaged in proceedings when she was attacked openly by an unknown man, “he said.

Van Wyk added the suspect appeared on an unrelated matter.

Rencken said the last thing she heard after the fall was an instruction that more police should be on trial.

“The judge was in court and the prosecutor was there, and there was a policewoman [and] a court clerk sitting next to me – and there were other people in court too because they were busy with legal proceedings. There were quite a few people in the courtroom.

“Nobody intervened, he [the suspect] came without hesitation, so it wasn’t like [someone] was trying to stop him. He came out of the accused box and hit me without hesitation. I didn’t even realize what actually happened when I hit my head, no one expected it, I didn’t expect it, “she said.

She said she was in one after the incident Clinic had been brought

Rencken, who had worked as a lawyer for more than 20 years, said she was shocked by the incident.

“I was very angry and cried and was very scared. I was shocked. I remember the nurse taking my blood pressure three times because she said it was so high … I was shocked because it was unexpected, it wasn’t even my case, I just sat there and waited for that my case was called.

“I hesitate to go back to court, but on the other hand I know that this is my bread and butter, this is my job, I have been doing it for 21 years in the end won’t have a choice.

“It will definitely have an impact on how I feel when I go to court in the future,” she said.

Rencken said hers The family was also shocked by the incident as they never expected something like this to happen in court.