Jan 20, 2022

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Suspected parliament arsonist poses for cameras; possession of explosive device among charges

The face of 49-year-old Khayelitsha, Cape Town, who was arrested in connection with the fire that burned the new National Assembly building in the Parliamentary District, was revealed.

Zandile Christmas Mafe showed up on Tuesday before the Courts of Cape Town Magistrate.

Mafe took off his mask and posed for those with cameras on the dock. He turned to give each photographer a chance to get a clear picture.

It is uncommon for suspects to pose for photos in court, especially when the charges are as serious as those dated State against Mafe preferred acts. His attorney Luvuyo Godla told the court Mafe was aware his pictures were circulating on social media. He said it would be unfair to deny the media the opportunity to show his face. Mafe nodded in agreement when his attorney spoke in court.

Mafe wore torn sneakers with no laces, denim shorts and a crumpled shirt. His hair and beard were unkempt.

According to the indictment, he faces five charges of alleged theft of laptops, dishes and documents from parliament for burglary and theft.

He has to answer there were also two charges of arson for allegedly setting fire to the building of the National Assembly and one charge of violating the Explosives Act. The case has been postponed until January 11th for bail information and further investigation.

After the trial, prosecutor spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said the investigators were unable to get through parliament assess the extent of the damage.

Explosive devices and destruction of essential infrastructure. “

Ntabazalila said the postponement will allow investigators” to confirm the bail information, which includes the defendant’s home address, whether he has assets, etc. “.

” The other problem is that investigators have not been able to go to parliament or the crime scene to assess the damage, “he said.

“The crime scene was active until late yesterday. By the time we return next Tuesday we will have this information safe. The defense intends to request bail. The state will oppose bail and there will likely be more charges n charged while the investigation continues. ”

Ntabazalila said Mafe is South African and will be staying at Site B, Khayelitsha.

There was a dispute in court between Mafe’s attorney and the prosecutor about the impending charges.

“The state wants to indict him according to Annex 5 (because of) the destruction of important infrastructure, a (national) key point”. ” Ntabazalila said.

“The policy allows us to indict him under Schedule 5. The defense wants him to be charged under Schedule 1. If we indict him under Appendix 5, it’s up to him to prove to the court that he deserves bail. If he is charged under Appendix 1, it is up to us to prove that the defendant does not deserve bail, and it is also about the gravity of the charges he is facing. “