Oct 21, 2021

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Taxi driver accused of killing cyclist prepares for bail application

The taxi driver, who is charged with hitting two cyclists and dragging one to his death, will be released on bail in Randburg District Court on Wednesday.

Phindi Mjonondwane, spokesman for the National Prosecutor, said Bongumusa Wellington Ngcobo, 28, appeared in court on Monday to answer for negligent homicide and drunk driving.

He was arrested early Sunday October 3rd after hitting cyclists Alex Otto and Geoff Lee during a training ride in. had rammed bowling alley. Lee was knocked over while Otto was pulled under the wheels and dragged 290 meters before the taxi stopped.

Ngcobo is said to have tried to escape but was arrested by two security guards who dragged him back.

Lee was taken to Sunninghill Hospital, where he was treated and discharged. Otto was pronounced dead at the scene.

The matter was adjourned for two days to allow the bail information to be reviewed.

Mjonondwane said the investigator had spoken out against the bail.