Feb 7, 2023

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Taxi driver who used his vehicle to transport July 2021 looters sentenced to five years in jail

A taxi driver who used his vehicle to transport looters during the July 2021 riots in KwaZulu-Natal has been sentenced to five years in prison.

The Durban Das Regional Court convicted 24-year-old Lungelo Nthenga after pleading guilty to three counts of theft.

His conviction relates to incidents in Mobeni Industrial Zone in July 2021, during the unprecedented looting that the province.

In his guilty plea, Nthenga told the court he had been a taxi driver during the riots.

He had used a vehicle to loot people to a location in Mobeni’s industrial business Area, along South Coast Road.

Nthenga was arrested when the vehicle he was driving was stopped at a roadblock during a stop-and-search operation by police to deal with looters .

His vehicle was looted with canned fish, rice as well n items from the surrounding warehouses.

During the trial, Reg Prosecutor Kuveshni Pillay, presented statistics from the SA Property Owners Association showing that the province had lost R50 billion during the riots.< /p>

She also told the court that the rioting and looting also resulted in a loss of foreign investment in tourism.

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