Sep 21, 2021

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Teacher fired after inappropriate WhatsApp photos with matric pupil emerge

A teacher who had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student was reprimanded this week before he was fired this week.

Mark Hawyes, Education Labor Relations Council arbitrator, said Accounting Teacher P Phiri is “completely unrepentant” about his affair with a Pretoria Matrix student.

“It is almost certain that he would be willing to break up the relationship with [the student] or other students at other schools Hawyes said, declaring Phiri unsuitable to work with children.

He said the father of three was “arrogant, humiliating and haughty” at the disciplinary hearing and made similar comments about the student after testifying on Phiri’s name.

He said she had adopted an “arrogant, high-handed” attitude and “much of what she testified was extreme claims put the Commissioner in the Ec ke wanted to urge to accept their claims “. and apologize “.

Intimate photos of this The student with Phiri was part of the evidence against the Akasia teacher, and a classmate from Amandsig Secondary School testified that the girl was bragging about their relationship and pictures of herself and Phiri on WhatsApp.

The girl testified that the Gauteng Education Department official who was investigating Phiri interviewed her without her parents’ permission and tried to force her to give a written statement , and threatened that if she did not blame Phiri, she would be prevented from taking a high school diploma.

She said she was uncomfortable, traumatized and scared, and claimed that she was ridiculed in school and the teachers would have mocked her.

But the department presented Hawyes with an affidavit from the girl’s parents recognizing that their daughter treated classmates and was “rude and obnoxious” to … me, “Hawyes said . < / p>

Phiri denied having had a sexual relationship with the girl, claiming that Amandsig Secondary School principal Sanet Jacobsz conducted the disciplinary investigation because they had a strained relationship.

But Hawyes said the investigation began after two sailors told the headmaster of the relationship when the girl threatened them, and Jacobsz immediately referred the matter to the county office.

“I can’t find any evidence that Jacobz Interfered in the process or challenged the learner to testify and testify against the employee. Any clashes Jacobz may have had with the employee in the past clearly failed to support these allegations, “he said.

Hawyes said the girl was” immature, arrogant and stupid enough to Details of “posting her relationship with the staff member on WhatsApp where she was visible to [other students]”.

He added: “[Phiri] was arrogant and too confident to allow her on Post basis that there wasn’t enough evidence for the employer to tie all the dots together.

“The photos and other circumstantial evidence show beyond any doubt that [the girl] and [Phiri] were intimate . “

In making his decision to fire Phiri, Hawyes said, he took into account the amicable nature of the teacher’s relationship with the girl.

However, it was also” blatant and wholehearted. ” Knowledge received that it was so “. Contrary to the provisions of the Educator Employment Act zes and a number of other educational policies the two are still going on. “

After leaving school in 2020 without finishing high school, the girl had returned and Phiri was still teaching there.

“This is an undesirable situation and provides a bad example of appropriate behavior towards other learners. In fact, it might suggest that relationships between educators and students in school are the norm and should be accepted, “he said.