Sep 20, 2021

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Tears as bail bid for Durban man accused of stabbing mom 26 times fails

A 20-year-old man from Durban who is accused of killing his mother on May 6th does not recall stabbing her more than 26 times.

Uveer Jaganath failed his attempt to get bail in Durban District Court on Wednesday.

His mother Jessica was laid to rest on Saturday.

The investigator informed the court on Monday that the woman was dating Clare Estate had been stabbed more than 14 times, however, prosecutor Calvin Govender said Wednesday that an autopsy report found she was stabbed more than 26 times.

According to Jaganath, he was hidden and unable to participate in the alleged murder remember who took place in Jaganath said in his affidavit he presented during the bail application that he was a student at Varsity College and turned 20 on Friday.

He said his father came out Removed him from campus on May 6th.

“When I got home e came, I took a shower. I can’t remember anything after that until I woke up in an ambulance. I was told that I was being treated for stab wounds to my leg and abdomen, and injuries to my arms and hands. these police took me from the hospital; that I have been arrested and detained at Sydenham Police Station since Thursday, “he said.

According to his affidavit, Jaganath consulted a psychologist and psychiatrist in 2019, but he stopped taking the prescribed medication shortly afterwards.

The court heard that his father Avesh supported his bail request.

“If I am released on bail, I am not afraid for the safety of my well-being. My family is ready to take me back and stay with them. Despite the charges against me, there is no hostility my family has for me, “said Jaganath.

He said his family intended to take him to a hospital for detailed medical and psychological exams and take all necessary measures to treat.

“This was withheld from me by the police. In such a facility I can be tested for Covid-19 and, if necessary, treated for my allergy and thyroid disease. “

His father put an affidavit in front of Govender, who said the district doctor had determined that Jaganath did not suffer from psychosis, was aware of the time and his orientation. However, it was recommended that he be sent for observation.

Jaganath and family members sitting in the public gallery burst into tears when Judge Vanitha Armu later ruled against his bail request.

Before going into the cells, he looked at his father and shook his head before crying almost inconsolably.

Armu said it was not in the interests of justice to give Jaganath bail.

She said his mother was “senselessly killed in the sanctity of her own home.”

“One can only imagine the horror and pain she must have been through during this attack . This was a pointless killing of an innocent person. “

The matter was postponed until July 14th.