Oct 21, 2021

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‘They beat us with sjamboks’: three men vs eight Tshwane metro officers

The independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) will visit three men on Thursday who claim they have been beaten and beaten by eight Tshwane Metro police officers.

They are also working to identify the officers on duty that night.

Pictures and videos of the victims appeared on social media on Wednesday.

In one of the videos, a man identified only as Shiba showed welts on his back and chest that allegedly came from being hit with a sjambok. Blood is running down his face.

When he turns to look at the person who recorded the video, he exclaims, “They just hit us, they did no right. “

He then turns back to a crowd and what looks like a security guard and yells:” Tell us we’re going [inaudible]. They have no right to hit us like that. ”

He looks over his shoulder at the camera and says,“ These people are undermining us. ”

He claims they didn’t fight back.

“They hit us and hit and hit us – for no reason.” he says as the clip ends.

Ipid spokeswoman Grace Langa said the incident happened on October 2nd after 11 p.m. when the three went to the Tshwane seizure vehicle center on Madiba Street to collect their vehicle.

Upon arrival they found that the gate was locked and the security guards refused to let them in. A subway officer is said to have spoken to them. That was the end of their conversation.

Langa then tells the story from the testimony.

It is claimed that < / span> “Suddenly about eight metro police officers came out of nowhere.”

According to the men’s version, she said it looked like the police arrived at the pound in a vehicle, “and immediately started sjamboken and hit them with their hands”.

She said the injuries led to you are being hospitalized.

Langa said Ipid received the case on Tuesday and was still working to identify the eight officers.

< p> “Although not identified [yet], Ipid has spoken to her manager to find out who was on duty and who will meet the officers at her place of work.”

< span> A A case of bodily harm with intent to cause bodily harm has been recorded and the redemption running.