Jan 31, 2023

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They danced until they died: Bheki Cele on Enyobeni tavern deaths

“They were dancing and when they collapsed they were just pushed off the dance floor and left to die.”

This is according to Police Minister Bheki Cele about the horrors that unfolded early on Sunday morning, 17 people died in a crowded tavern in Scenery Park in east London, four others died in hospital.

However, the cause of death is still unclear On Monday, Cele said during his speech at the Rural Safety Summit in Parys that partygoers started dying from about 2:13am.

“These kids started dying between 2:13am and 4am. They died while dancing. They danced and fell and died – literally. And they were pushed aside and others continued to dance.

“Others became dizzy and fell asleep on the sofa and died. Someone should have done something. These children should be under parental supervision,” he said.

Cele brought up the matter during the summit to illustrate the burden on police officers, who are blamed for some of the deaths not prevented.

“A 13-year-old died. A 17 year old. Nine girls died, 12 boys. And people ask, “Where were the police?” A 13-year-old dies at 4am and you’re asking where the police are – really? Why was a 13-year-old outside at 4 am?”

On Sunday afternoon, the priest broke down in tears outside the morgue where he had viewed the bodies. His pain echoed in the screams of the mourners.

The cause of death at Tavern #Enyobeni is part of an ongoing investigation.

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