Aug 10, 2022

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‘They shot them and left’: Community safety MEC describes gruesome scene of bodies strewn across tavern floor

The lifeless bodies of the guests were strewn on the ground when MEC Faith Mazibuko arrived at the Mdlalose tavern on Sunday morning where 15 people were brutally killed.

“When I got there the coroners were there not there yet removed the rest of the body. They were still scattered on the ground and it could be seen that others were trying to run away and ended up pushing each other, leading to a stampede.”

In the early hours of Sunday, a total of 15 people died, gunmen opened fire at them while they relaxed. All of the dead and injured were over the age of 18 and the tavern operated within the legal opening hours.

Mazibuko said some patrons were injured trying to escape and fell on top of each other.

< p>“Others were still scattered on the street and apparently because the pathologists are busy only family members were allowed to identify their loved ones. Most were not yet covered and their wounds could be seen.”

Some were only identifiable by official documents or bank cards on their bodies due to the condition of their injuries.

“Those they taken to the hospital have also been identified. One was released and she was not injured. It’s just that she broke down from the shock of what she said at the scene and the ambulance took her to the hospital.

“The scene was very bad and when I left we were there are only two bodies left. They started combing the crime scene and found that AK47s were used to shoot these people. May their souls rest in peace.”

Mazibuko said she awoke to the news that around midnight a Quantum (taxi) pulled up in front of Mdlalose’s tavern in the informal settlement of Nomzamo in Orlando East and gunmen opened fire would have opened on patrons.

“We had to call all law enforcement agencies to visit the crime scene. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered about 11 people who had been shot and some who could be seen trying to help their friends passed out.”

Mazibuko said more Bodies were discovered near the corner as police combed the scene. “Ten people were still alive, but four of them were very critical and the other died on the way to hospital. The death toll is now 15 as others succumbed to their injuries.

“When forensics left, there were still two bodies that had not yet been collected from the shebeen.”

Mazibuko said witnesses claimed the gunmen jumped out of the vehicle and shot at them. “The situation is bad. People were just sitting in a tavern that was legal and operated within legal opening hours.”

The informal settlement of Nomzamo is not among the areas believed to be contributing to the high crime rates in Gauteng, said them.

“Nothing was taken from the shebeen and the patrons. They shot them and left,” she said, adding that she was concerned about the proliferation of guns in communities.

“Every single community in Gauteng will tell you that there’s a lot to do with Firearms will be fired Gauteng at night. Worse, some of us stay next to hostels, you’d think it’s a war zone. You’re wondering what’s happening.”

Mazibuko announced that there was another shooting at Katlehong’s Mputlane Inn Tavern, killing two people. “They actually took these guests hostage and forced them to lie down and shot them. Four of them were shot dead and two succumbed to their injuries.”

TimesLIVE also reported that four people died in a mass shooting at a tavern in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday night.

The shootings come two weeks after the eNyobeni tragedy that killed 21 underage children in Scenery Park, east London.

Mazibuko called for calm in Gauteng, saying: “Communities are allowed don’t take the law for yourself hands. Let’s work with the police and help identify these individuals. The police can’t be everywhere guarding shebeens.”

She urged pub owners to increase security in their establishments and ensure patrons and their vehicles are safe.

PANYaza Lesufi, chairwoman of the ANC Gauteng said that this level of lawlessness will not be tolerated.

“Police must leave no stone unturned to track down these perpetrators and we need to know the reasons why these people are behaving in this barbaric way.”

Lesufi, along with Gauteng Prime Minister David Makhura, will visit some of the people who are still hospitalized to gather more information about the incident.< /p>

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