Jun 15, 2021

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Third wave latest: Could LOCAL alcohol restrictions return?

South Africa is a huge country and while no corner of our country has been untouched by COVID-19, there are certainly some regions that are less affected than others. Now that several provinces continue to grapple with a third wave of infections, questions have arisen about “local alcohol restrictions for the hardest hit areas”.

Where is the third wave of COVID-19 in South Africa?

Gauteng, Free State, Northern Cape and North West have all been identified as four provinces are now one experience third wave of COVID-19 infections. In the past few weeks, hospital admissions have risen sharply across the board. However, some slight relief may be on the way in two of these four provinces.

Over the past week, the average number of COVID-19 cases has declined in both the Northern Cape and the Free State. For North West or Gauteng, however, there is no such luck as their problems with the resurgence of the virus increase.

Are alcohol restrictions being reintroduced? / h2>

Some believe an upward trend in both cases and hospital admissions could prove to be a toxic cocktail for the provincial couple. Professor Salim Abdool Karim indicated earlier today that alcohol restrictions will be “enforced” as the third wave intensifies – Gauteng and North West, if our proverbial sedentary ducks remain free in a wave, we will likely see restrictions on alcohol sales – such as the Example restrictions on sales times – when the hospital beds are full. “ | Professor Karim

Alcohol restrictions are taken into account – but NOT locally

Yes, provincial governments have the option to impose their own restrictions, provided they first seek approval from the National Coronavirus Command Council. However, it is very unlikely that a province could have restrictions on the liquor trade without affecting the rest of the country.

Karim says local lockdowns “don’t work” and they shouldn’t considered in the future. Places like Gauteng and North West could opt for stricter enforcement of alcohol bans, but according to the former government advisor on COVID-19, no single region will be cordoned off harder than any other.

“So you will keep chopping up and changing the rules and everything will just get too complicated. So it makes sense to have only one set of rules for the entire country, especially because we no longer have rigid barriers and these are not the same Way on business. ”