Jun 22, 2021

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Third wave latest: Julius Malema calls for ‘all schools to be closed’

Never shy of putting a contentious opinion out into the open, Julius Malema has made a stark call on Thursday. The EFF leader told a press conference earlier this afternoon that ‘all schools must be closed’ to fight off a third wave of COVID.

EFF bemoan jab rollout, as concerns over third wave grow

The figures are becoming gloomier by the day, with last night’s new daily case number of 8 881 sparking a fresh round of concerns across South Africa. Without proper vaccine coverage, coronavirus will remain a threat to the population – and that’s something Julius Malema was extremely keen to point out today:

Should schools shut down for the third wave? Julius Malema says YES

However, the Red Berets claim that their biggest fears lie with our schools: Delays and long closures wreaked havoc during the 2020 academic calendar, and there is hesitancy to put learning on ice once more, despite the looming third wave. Julius Malema has blasted this attitude, and fears that further ‘contact learning’ will help the virus explode again.

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The way he sees it, there are already alarming signs that schools are in trouble. Several institutions have had to close down temporarily, following a smattering of COVID-19 outbreaks. For the EFF, the time for empty classrooms is NOW:

“Following the announcement of the Third Wave, under the rising number of infections we call on immediate closure of contact learning. There is no reason to force contact learning. Already there are rising infections amongst young people and children, disrupting schools. To ensure a fast move beyond the Third Wave, schools must be closed.”

Julius Malema at an EFF press conference, Thursday 10 June