Nov 29, 2022

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‘This country will burn if people don’t get jobs’- Inside Gayton McKenzie’s plans to tackle unemployment

Central Karoo Mayor Gayton McKenzie has lamented South Africa’s high rates of poverty and unemployment after speaking to people he said had been unemployed for more than 30 years.

He urged politicians to enable progress in their communities and prioritize job creation. He said he will set an example in his district.

“The reality of our people in South Africa is grim. We can’t complain forever. Let’s all do our part, and politicians should enable progress. I will lead from the central Karoo,” he tweeted on Sunday.

The leader of the Patriotic Alliance said SA could not afford “nice to have things” like the controversial monumental R22m flag proposed by the Department of Arts and Culture.

McKenzie warned that ignoring the plight of the poor could lead to civil unrest.

“We should abandon any project that does not create jobs. We can start more than one factory with R22m instead of a flag. Job creation should come first. Nice that things can be done later. This country will burn if people don’t get jobs,” he warned.

Here is his plan to fight unemployment:

Cut Red Tape

McKenzie, who was elected mayor in April, announced that Central Karoo is “open for business” and vowed to cut red tape to get retail investors started and start growing businesses in the district.

Open factories

He announced an ambitious deadline of two weeks, in in which he will open six factories.

Using natural resources to become the “next Dubai”.

Repairing the Infrastructure and solar transition


Support agriculture

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