Aug 8, 2022

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‘This is no longer 1975, when our people relied on primus stoves’: Pule Mabe slams Eskom

ANC spokesman Pule Mabe has criticized Eskom for the ongoing load shedding and said South Africans should look after their own sustainable electricity supply.

Mabe briefed the media this week at the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg.

This comes as the country continues to undergo various phases of load shedding by the embattled energy supplier.

“It’s not 1975 anymore when our people relied on Primus stoves and candlelight, things have changed. We need energy security so that we can support and step up economic reconstruction and recovery efforts,” Mabe said.

He dismissed claims that the ANC leaders were not how the others experienced a load shedding in the country.

“We are also parting ways. We’re not off the hook. When our people in townships, informal settlements, suburbs, homes or wherever they are found confronting the devastating effects of load shedding, so do we as leaders of the ANC.”

The ANC’s National Executive Committee noted with “great concern” the country’s energy crisis and called for immediate intervention to alleviate the plight of South Africans and the pursuit of longer-term systematic intervention to ensure sustainable energy security.

It called for keeping load shedding at a lower level and phasing it out in the medium to long term. It also called on the government and Eskom to communicate with affected communities and take firm action against sabotage.

Among other things, it called on Eskom and the government to increase maintenance and to improve the existing supply. Get the right skills and experienced mentors from the utility, facilitate private investment in new generation capacity and accelerate the conversion of power plants to alternative energy sources.

‘ Load shedding for the expected next weeks’

Eskom said load shedding will continue in the coming weeks, although some generating units have been restarted in recent days. span>

“This is not enough to suspend load shedding as other generating units had to be taken offline for repairs. Load shedding will continue to be implemented in different phases over the next few weeks as generation capacity remains tight,” the utility said.

“Eskom warns the public that this remains the case It will take a few weeks for the power generation system to fully recover to pre-strike levels. Eskom will communicate and implement any necessary changes.”

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