Jun 13, 2021

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Three injured crewmen evacuated from ship anchored off Durban coast

Three Filipino crew members were evacuated in the early hours of Wednesday morning from a ship that was anchored off the coast of Durban after injuring themselves on board the ship.

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute ( NSRI) spokesman Craig Lambinon, a crew on duty and paramedics were dispatched to a lifeboat to take the injured off the ship.

“The original plan was to leave the paramedics on the ship to keep the patients on board to treat and then evacuate the injured from the ship at dawn, “he said.

” On arrival on the ship in calm seas and rapidly improving sea conditions, the paramedics and NSRI lifeguards were transferred to the ship and the patients, two in serious condition, were stabilized and all three were transferred to the lifeboats in a technical high-angle rope operation.

“They became our NSRI-S tation Durban in. brought care to the paramedics. ”

Lambinon said one man was flown to the hospital while the other two were transported by ambulance.