Dec 9, 2021

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Top 3 hot items tipped for Black Friday sales, plus how to stay safe

This year’s Black Friday event, which has become a major highlight on the SA calendar, is expected to bring higher sales volumes than last year.

Many retailers hit hard by the drop in consumer spending in the 2020 started to offer their special offers ahead of time so that consumers have more time to spend.

This says Nelisa Zulu, Head of Cards and Payments at Standard Bank SA.

< p> Even though lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, consumers are still suspicious of large crowds and many people are now familiar with shopping online, Zulu said, resulting in phenomenal growth in e-commerce.

< Data from online retailing In an SA 2021 study carried out by World Wide Worx with the support of Mastercard, Standard Bank and Platinum Seed, it was found that online shops in 2018 Approximately 14 billion worth of goods.

Prior to the pandemic, travel was by far the largest contributor to creditworthiness However, as online travel spending has declined, grocery stores have absorbed some of the doldrums resulting in flat growth Zulu said.

The bank’s online card transaction data shows grocery stores and retailers remain the top category for online spending, with property making a comeback this year and 36% of online transactions matters. Spending in restaurants has also increased significantly since the beginning of the year (250%).

Where will consumers likely spend this year?

  1. Travel and Experiences – Consumers who value holidays and experiences could play a role this year, Zulu said. “Instead of going abroad, we may find that people are looking for values ​​close to their home and are trying to get more experience for the same money.”
  2. Electronics – Electronic devices will continue to add value and attract consumers, especially as they have adopted a more online lifestyle due to the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdowns that came with it,” said Zulu.
  3. Groceries – Grocery retailers are considered the bank’s most popular stores and will be an area of Consumers will part with their money this Black Friday to find the best deals and to stock up on essential groceries before Christmas.

Most important considerations for buyers of this year’s Black Friday:

  • Price comparison sites – use these sites to compare prices and find great deals.
  • Reputable stores – use multiple web sites to verify the authenticity of goods and products.
  • Secure payment mechanisms – shop on websites that are digitally safe.
  • Check – be careful when shopping on websites that don’t have physical addresses and contact details.
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    Stay Safe If You Go To The Malls This Black Friday

    Malls And Malls Are Expected To Get Very Busy For The Next Days And Weeks As Retailers Attract customers with Black Friday and other Christmas shopping and special offers, said Fidelity Services Group.

    “As we near this busy retail time, we need to keep in mind that the risk of robbery or other ruthlessness activity increases. Criminal elements are attracted to large gatherings of this type, and knowing what to do in the event of a mall robbery could save your life, ”said Charnel Hattingh, Head of Marketing and Communications.

    Hattingh bot To this advice:

    If you find yourself in the shop that is being robbed:

    • Cooperate with robbers for your own safety. Listen to their instructions carefully and follow their directions. Try to be as calm as possible. Everyone reacts differently, but try to take a deep breath until help arrives.
    • Do not use your cell phone during the robbery, it could upset the attackers.
    • Try to search immediately a protected place and stay on the ground.
    • Make a note of the attackers in order to pass on information to the authorities – what they were wearing, suspicious clothing, tags, jewelry and so on. Try to remember what they look like – height, weight, etc.
    • Make sure your children are always around. Don’t let kids run away while shopping.
    • Don’t shop with large amounts of cash or valuables.

    Get robbed when you’re out of the store: < / strong>

    • Talk to the store staff to close the roller shutter doors first. This is also standard in many shopping centers. Go to the back of the store, out of sight.
    • Try to find a store near you and secure yourself.
    • Do not try to go through the standard and exit points as these are the same points the robbers will use.

    Hattingh also recommends that people watch out for their way to and from the mall. “Look for someone who might follow you. If something feels suspicious, better move on and try to reach a police station or someone else who can help you. “