Jun 15, 2021

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Top Joburg school BANS students from talking about Israel and Palestine

Redhill High School in Johannesburg came under fire this week after the executive director of the private facility sent a message to parents about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Joseph Gerassi hoped to calm tensions by insisting that students “are not allowed to discuss the subject in school” – instead it sparked a great deal of controversy.

  • This one Extract from his statement REALLY upset the masses …

“In our best interests, I urge families to have their children Encourage students not to discuss issues in school; and learners must refrain from harassing or rejecting other students on social media. In this case, we have no choice but to follow the processes outlined in our Code of Conduct. I hope the Middle East crisis will be resolved soon. “

Why-talk-about-Israel-Palestine is in the Redhill School forbidden?

The communication was shared online like wildfire and has generated some very uncompromising responses. Many believe that Gerassi’s attempt to prevent “culture breakage” only served to shut down and silence learners’ voices anyway. The media personality Eusebius McKaiser meanwhile argued that the Redhill headmaster “shouldn’t even run a day nursery”:

Headmaster doubles on controversial statement

Gerassi has since defended his reaction to what happened between Israel and Palestine, arguing that the dispute in the Middle East must not take place between this congregation in Johannesburg. He is mainly concerned with spreading disinformation regarding the turbulent situation, but his reasoning is unlikely to win any of the critics.

“Assumptions are made on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict ] and social media posts demonize both. This is a controversial and controversial issue, and given the circumstances, I feel obliged to ensure that this bitter conflict does not tear us apart within the Redhill community. “ Joseph Gerassi