Aug 10, 2022

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Top state capture culprits ‘to be enrolled by end-September’

The alleged architects of the state’s capture will be registered before the end of September.

The national chief of public prosecutions, Attorney Shamila Batohi, and the national chief of the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI or Hawks), Lt. Gen. Godfrey Lebeya , met Friday following the recent release of the final investigative report into the state’s arrest.

The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) and the Hawks have pledged to ensure accountability for those involved in corruption through state conquest.

On Wednesday, the entities recognized more than 150 recommendations in the final report that were relevant to their entities.

They said many of these became cases already processed, including:

  • 86 investigations declared by the NPA Investigation Directorate (ID;),
  • 21 cases admitted to court en were, and;
  • < li>65 defendants appearing in court for alleged kidnapping crimes by the state.

“The final Zondo report provides additional impetus for increased cooperation and urgency in executing respective NPA and DPCI mandates,” the entities said.

“Additional landmark matters will be included before the end of September. Groundbreaking matters relate to cases involving the alleged architects of state capture, including influential individuals and private sector actors and/or large sums of money.

“These cases are being investigated by a dedicated team of investigators and Prosecutors who have the necessary expertise in prosecution-led processes involving complex matters.”

The entities stated that they recognize the “damaging impact of corruption on the rule of law” and South Africa’s development prospects.

They recommitted to “improve collaboration and the sharing of resources and expertise to ensure the most effective law enforcement-led approach to these complex matters”.

the DPCI- offices.

They said they would reprioritize matters to ensure that state arrests le take precedence.

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