May 27, 2022

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Toyota says no flood-damaged vehicles will make it into the retail chain

Toyota SA will scrap all vehicles damaged during the floods at its Prospecton plant to prevent them from making it into the retail chain.

The company said on Wednesday it is expected to lose about 45,000 units in production, “but was emboldened by a series of small wins in its recovery process”.

Approximately 12% of the 4,596 units completed on site were undamaged and available for sale.

< p>The plant in south Durban was badly damaged during the floods a month ago, forcing Toyota SA to cease operations.

CEO and President Andrew Kirby said the company was “putting in place a careful and systematic phased plan to return the factory to bring plant to an operational state.”

It has resumed operations of its catalyst export line and will open the Hino assembly line in the next few days.

“It was a major setback for the company, but we have comprehensive insurance coverage. We are also fortunate to have our parent company Toyota Motor Corporation to support us with any cash flow challenges we are likely to face.”

But it will take time for the main lines like Hilux, Fortuner , HiAce , Corolla Cross and Corolla Quest – to reopen.

“We have gone through the process of cleaning, drying and rinsing. And now we’re reviewing our gear—fixing it, powering up the panels, and ordering replacement parts if needed.

“It’s not easy to predict when we’ll be able to start again,” Kirby said.< /p >

Sixty specialists and engineers were dispatched from Japan to assist in the restoration of the facility.

“The facility’s flood protection measures have been effective up to a point and are being restored and improved. Toyota SA is working closely with the city of eThekwini to address the infrastructure deficiencies and prevent a similar disaster from happening again.”

Kirby said employees receive 50% of their wages, but Toyota SA with the government collaborate to provide UIF benefits. No employee will lose their job.

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