Oct 23, 2021

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Traditional healer ‘promised riches’ for kidnapping teen with albinism

Traditional healer Thokozani Msibi boasted as he demonstrated a mayonnaise jar containing the body parts of Gabisile Shabane, a child with albinism who he allegedly killed as part of a muti ritual.

The Supreme Court, who sat in Middelburg on Wednesday, heard Shabane’s intimate parts, breasts and the fat from their insides put together in the large glass jar and in Msibis Indumba – a hut made by traditional healers used – were kept Emalahleni (formerly Witbank).

This was the version of Msibi’s friend and neighbor John Magutshwa, who comes from Eswatini. He told the court that he arrived in Emalahleni in February 2018.

He said he went to see Msibis Indumba but the traditional healer was not there. He called Msibi, who told him he was on his way but instructed him to go into the hut, look into the center and tell him what he could see.

“I entered the indumba and I saw something in a bottle of mayonnaise. There was something fat and something blackish. I told him it looked like the fat of a python. Msibi laughed and said he was coming, “said Magutshwa.

” When he arrived, he found me sitting outside. He greeted me and went to the Indumba . He got the bottle and stopped at the door. He called me and said let’s go in, “said Magutshwa, describing how Msibi had held the bottle in his hands.

” He said, ‘What’s in here is intimate parts, a breast, a heart and the fat between the thighs of a person with albinism that we got from Hlalanikahle, ‘”Magutshwa told the court.

He then testified that Msibi had told him that” some men were out Pretoria “and Mfanasibili Gamedze, an Eswatini citizen, kidnapped the girl.

” He said they took the person to the farm in Cullinan and killed the person and her body harvested, ”Magutshwa continued.

He testified in the case against Msibi, Mthobisi Brilliant Mkhize and Knowledge Wezi Mhlanga. Gamedze died behind bars waiting to be extradited to the SA by Eswatini, while a fifth defendant, Josiah Thubane, pleaded guilty to his involvement in the 2019 murder. He is already serving his sentence.

You are accused of murdering Shabane, a 13-year-old girl with albinism who was allegedly murdered because of her body parts. Shabane was kidnapped along with her 15-month-old nephew Nkosikhona Ngwenya, whom the defendants allegedly mistook for another child with albinism.

After realizing that Ngwenya was not the right child, they stopped the N4, threw him over a bridge and drowned him in a swamp.

Magutshwa informed the court where the plan to find the albino had come from.

“Mkhize and I talked about how like Msibi we wanted to be successful in life. Msibi then told us he wanted us to get an albino, kill the albino, harvest parts and those are the ones that make us rich. He said that would lead to us having our own home. Not only were we there, but another [person] was there, ”he said.

The life that Magutshwa and Mkhize desired was apparently the luxury that Mzibi led. While Msibi had his traditional healing practice in the township, he lived in a posh house in Modelpark, a suburb of Witbank. He was known for driving fancy vehicles.

The man Magutshwa talked to about wanting a life similar to Msibi was identified as “Mr X” by TimesLIVE. He testified in a trial earlier this week. He is a state witness and cannot be formally identified.

“We talked and drank about it,” said Magutshwa, adding that they were confused about how and where to find a person with albinism .

Magutshwa said a few days after this conversation that there was an emergency at home that resulted in his going to Eswatini.

“I went home and about three days came back to find him [Msibi] with Gamedze, who was now by his side with his clients. I don’t know where he and Gamedze met.

“During this time, I was at Msibi’s with Gamedze and got used to him. One day Gamedze and Msibi came with a car and found me in the Indumba . We sat together and talked, and later Gamedze had to go and go home. When he left, Msibi told me that Gamedze had said they had identified a house in Hlalanikahle that contained a person with albinism, ”said Magutshwa.

The house was supposed to be the house of the Shabane.

“He said that didn’t mean we had to stop looking [for more people with albinism]. Msibi just let me know what they found,” he told the court .

Before locating this house, Magutshwa said they had done everything in their power to find a person so that their dreams and wishes for riches could come true.

Out of desperation, they had started looking for someone with albinism among the prostitutes who operated in Emalahleni.

“We had a discussion. We were sitting there with Msibi and [Mr X] and decided to go out later that evening to buy the prostitutes’ services, we thought we might be able to find Gl and maybe find a person with albinism among them.

“We went looking when it got dark. We couldn’t find this person. Msibi had given me R800 to buy the services in case I found them. When we failed, he told me to buy a whore. I bought the services of a regular prostitute, went in, slept with her. The plan was for me to wait for her outside afterward and when she’s out I should ask her how much it would cost to have her all night. No matter what the price, I should tell her that money is available, ”said Magutshwa.

The plan, he told the court, was to convince the prostitute to go with him, Msibi and. to get into the car Mr. X, where they would then sacrifice this prostitute as they struggled to find a person with albinism.

“But the prostitute never came out and I returned to the car in which Msibi and [Mr. X] waited. Msibi took out more cash and asked Mr. X to buy the same prostitute’s services, but she never came out.

“We wanted to kill the prostitute and take the parts we needed,” said Magutshwa. < / p>

But they returned home empty-handed that evening.

Magutshwa said he had left Emalahleni for the Christmas season and was later accompanied by Msibi in Eswatini. He told the court that Msibi returned to Emalahleni in January, while he did not return until February 2018.

Upon his return, Magutshwa said Shabane had been located, murdered and her body parts removed.

Thubane and his business partner were accompanied by Mhlanga to a consultation with Msibi. When they arrived, they also found Gamedze. In his confession, Thubane told the court that he had been advised by Msibi to bring a person with albinism to fuel his ailing rental property business.

Msibi had known about Gabisile and another child who lived in the same house lived albinism and apparently informed her about it.

Thubane, Mhlanga, Msibi and Gamedze allegedly met to devise and carry out the abduction plan. They broke into the Shabane household in Hlalanikahle in January 2018, aimed firearms at the family and fled with the children. Thubane was sentenced to five years in prison for both burglary and kidnapping. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and three years for possession of a firearm on double homicide charges.

The case continues.