Jun 18, 2021

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Twitter Latest: Now fake Durban doctor posts racist tweet

A woman from Durban posing as a doctor and posting a racist tweet could find herself before the Equal Opportunities Court soon after a local civic organization took offense and filed a criminal complaint.

Dr. TJ Ntshangase tweeted on the Twitter handle @ Jeffrey17397592, “I say to all the doctors, let’s stand together and take over by giving every white person in the hospital the wrong injection to repay vengeance. Even if I get fired, I am already laden with money. “

The post that was retweeted, shared on Facebook and displayed on the screen has now been removed. The person using the Twitter handle @ Jeffrey17397592 has since also changed their profile picture and name to “Why is Black Lives Cheap Compared to Whites”.

It was not possible to racist the poster Contacting tweets directly message on Twitter and he hadn’t responded to a mention in a direct tweet on Friday asking for comment.

However, she previously told Daily News reporter Anelisa Khubeka that she is not a doctor. She claimed she wrote the post in response to a tweet about the murder of a black farm laborer by a white farmer.

“Sometimes when you are upset, just talk or act. But I’m still disappointed with all of these white people. For just one tweet, it’s a big story. Someone smart enough will see it’s a joke. But what I notice here in South Africa is that our lives are cheap, only white lives matter, ”she told the Daily News.

Narendh Ganesh, chairman of the Duffs Road Civic Association, said, he reported the tweet to Greenwood Park Police Station, which told him to take the matter to the Equal Opportunities Court.

“Police said they couldn’t open a hate speech case, so I have a complaint filed with the Equal Opportunities Tribunal, “said Ganesh said.

Ganesh said he had decided to open a case because he wanted to speak out against racial hatred.

” If you can- Take the case, that’s the other end of the racial color. Everyone wanted their necks … it’s about not to mention racial hatred. When a person reacts to something like this … one death is one too many and I am no longer willing to remain silent, “he said.

” My patriotic duty is to make sure that SA is a better place for everything minus racial hatred and division. We are constitutionally supposed to be a non-racial society. We are South Africans, whatever our color shouldn’t matter, and when people post such posts they form hatred and hostility, whether against whites or blacks or Indians or colored people, it wouldn’t matter, ”he said / p>

“If racial outbreaks of this nature go unchecked, we will continue to sow division and racial hostility, and no right-wing South African should tolerate or accept this, regardless of who comes from such polarizing comments,” Ganesh said. / p>

Ganesh said he will also approach the Health Professions Council of SA on the matter as the person claimed to be a doctor.