Sep 25, 2022

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Two Hawks officers and a traditional healer arrested in sting operation

A Hawks officer and a traditional healer will appear in court Monday after being arrested on alleged theft and trafficking and illegal possession of ammunition.

Another Hawks officer has been arrested for he had allegedly attempted to conceal evidence in the matter.

The two officers are based at the national headquarters of the elite police investigative unit in Pretoria, police said in a statement.

Hawks spokesman Brig Thandi Mbambo told officials: A lieutenant colonel and a captain were arrested Friday in a secret operation by the Hawks’ Violent Crimes Unit and Tactical Operations Management Unit of national priority.

Mbambo said after After information had been gathered about a lieutenant colonel who intended to supply SAPS ammunition to a traditional healer, a sting operation was performed.

” The traditional healer, 43, was subsequently arrested at her home in Soshanguve on May 27 after an exchange was made.

“She was charged with illegal possession of ammunition and possession of allegedly stolen property, according to the seizure of other items believed to belong to the state,” Mbambo said. The captain was arrested and charged with tripping up the aims of the judiciary after it was discovered she had attempted to obtain evidence in the matter conceal.

The traditional healer will appear in Pretoria North Magistrates’ Court, while the two Hawks officers will appear in Pretoria Central Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Hawks Chief Lt. Gen. Godfrey Lebeya expressed his disappointment at the alleged involvement of directorate officials in criminal activities.

” We expect all of our members ern that they are above reproach and will ensure that the alleged perpetrators are brought to the full force of the law. We will continue to act without fear or favoritism, regardless of the status of those breaking the law,” Lebeya said.

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