Aug 18, 2022

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Two nabbed in connection with PMB tavern shooting, ‘more arrests coming’

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with a shooting at a tavern in Sweetwaters, Pietermaritzburg, which left four dead.

Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, KZN Provincial Commissioner Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, confirmed on Speaking Tuesday at Samukelisiwe Tavern, the arrests followed Saturday’s shooting.

He said police have located the vehicle used in the crime and that more arrests are forthcoming.< /span>

He said the police have observed the frequency with which such crimes occur in taverns and liquor stores.

“One question remains: why do people always choose this type of Business? It’s also worth noting that most of the customers are people who are on grants and unable to work,” said Mkhwanazi.

He urged the public to speak up before potential liquor retailers are licensed as this could prevent the scourge of violence.

“If the public does not speak out, licenses would be issued, which could lead to problems. The Sweetwater area falls under the Plessislaer Police Department, which over the years has become known for the high number of reported cases.” high influx of people into the area years and people have moved from the townships to settle here,” Mkhawanazi said.

He said they could never have done enough police to give the residents, more than 300,000 living in live in the area. He urged the community to report criminals to the police.

“People need to come up with this information,” Mkhwanazi said.

The Acting Community Security MEC, Jomo Sibiya, said he was concerned about the area having 168 taverns.

“We need to find a balance and find solutions. We have to ask ourselves if it’s really necessary to have so many pubs that aren’t at optimal safety levels,” Sibiya said The owners meet safety requirements.

“If we have a country where people are killed every weekend, we don’t have a country,” Sibiya said.

He said, while he agrees that people should be free to spend their money where it pleases them, the township economy shouldn’t just be embedded in alcohol. “We need to talk about that. We have to make sure people come and spend their time in a safe space,” Sibiya said.

Two men are said to have entered the tavern and opened fire on the diners indiscriminately, resulting in at least 12 people were shot . Two people died at the scene and two later died.

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