Dec 7, 2022

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Uber angry: Leaked files endorse our complaints, say SA drivers

The country’s Uber drivers say the e-hailing platform has too many vehicles on the roads and their commission is too low to be viable.

“It’s just one frustrating situation that we didn’t have to go anywhere else. We tried everything we could to fight it,” said Zweli Ngwenya, a spokesman for the drivers.

Ngwenya commented on a Washington Post expose on how Uber created working conditions it knew would lead to that many drivers would hardly scratch from.

“We’ve been saying this for years, that as Uber drivers we make money for the platform and it doesn’t really benefit the drivers,” Ngwenya said.

Drivers are struggling to survive and keep their vehicles running because the commission rate they receive is too low, he added.

“Right now the fuel price is the highest, but Uber has its Prices lowered, yet the commission rate is not lowered,” Ngwenya said.

Another Uber driver and owner, Mncedisi Khoza, said the running costs are very high and they are not making a profit.

“ Uber is the only winner in all of this. They are the ones making money. As for us, we work for them and make the money for them,” he said.

The company said it’s different from when the aggressive growth strategy referenced in Uber Leaks was was uncovered. because 90% of its employees joined after the appointment of the new CEO.

It said it had invested heavily in security and technology development, which is now the industry standard, and published a comprehensive report on the most serious security incidents.


But SA drivers said they see no difference and things are getting worse by the day.

“Uber cares more about passenger safety than driver safety. How many drivers have been assaulted or victimized by drivers? The only thing they tell you about drivers is that they verify drivers with their Facebook accounts. Why don’t you subject drivers to the same level of scrutiny that they give drivers?” Ngwenya asked.

Adding to her frustration is Uber’s lack of engagement with drivers when they have problems, he said.

“If you file a complaint about a ride, you will only receive an automated response and no one will bother to get back to you.”

Over the course of the Years ago, Uber drivers launched several protests against the operation of the e-hailing app. Among other things, they have complained about their regulation, including pricing and the commission ratio Uber receives from rides.

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