Jun 13, 2021

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‘Unlikely’ COVID hot-spot emerges in SA – with two districts on high alert

Although the last two waves of the pandemic have seen a relatively low number of COVID-19 cases, this time around North West appears to be struggling to contain the tide of new infections. The province has become an “unlikely” virus hotspot due to its low population density and low impact on national coronavirus statistics.

Northwest virus surge raises concern

However, this disease is not picking its favorites. North West Health MEC, Madoda Sambatha, says things are “not looking good” for the local health system as cases continue to rise in the province. The politician believes the effects of “complacency” are now taking a serious toll after citizens have returned to “normal lives”.

“The Northwest Province is currently seeing a serious surge in cases since last week, with an average of 300 cases per day a major sign of concern for our province. In the last 24 hours we have registered a total of 426 new positive cases and that is 7,189 active cases. These recent developments do not bode well for the provincial health system. “

” People are starting to live as if we have returned to normal. We see this in how malls, taxi ranks, and domestic activities like funerals get crowded. We will experience a potential crisis if our communities fail to take preventative measures to contain the spread of infection. People have to adhere to preventive measures. “

Hospitals also on the rise

The sharp increase in infections and the rate at which people are now being hospitalized in the northwest signals the beginning of a third wave for the region. Here’s what we know so far about the localized resurgence of COVID-19 …

  • The province has seen a peak of new infections in the past seven days
  • Worryingly, in such North West, one sparsely populated province, records an average of 300 reported cases per day.
  • Initial data for June suggest that the number of daily cases is now over 400 – and continues to rise.
  • In a trend , which stands out from seven other provinces in the country, about 10% of all cases detected in NW are now “active”.
  • The Klerksdorp / Tshepong Hospital issued a warning on Sunday – about an increase in COVID-19 patients in hospital.

COVID-19 hotspots in South Africa – Churches in Difficulty:

Bojanala and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda are now the hardest hit counties as cases here continue to increase. The provincial government is now asking the residents to comply with the lockdown rules or to overwhelm the health system.