Oct 21, 2021

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Vaccinating taxi drivers will help the industry back on its feet: Santaco

The SA National Taxi Association (Santaco) is mobilizing taxi drivers to queue for Covid-19 vaccinations, a move it hopes will help the industry revive after last year’s lost revenue legs to come.

Santaco spokesman Thabisho Molelekwa said the association is working with the transport department to expand its role in containing the spread of Covid-19.

The taxi industry has complied with government restrictions, including reducing the number of long-distance passengers to 70% of their capacity.

“We have asked all taxi drivers to register their numbers for vaccination. The problem with the taxi industry is that we have to find ourselves as carriers and disseminators of Covid-19 and have to be wise, “said Molelekwa Covid-19, because they work with several passengers every day and have to change cash during the journey.

He said the risk of taxi drivers transmitting Covid-19 to passengers was a cause for concern.

Molwa said vaccination for drivers is not mandatory.

“The vaccination is voluntary. The country has not yet reached a point where vaccination is mandatory. We are looking for ways in which taxi drivers can be motivated to get vaccinated without being forced, “he said.

Molwa said the taxi industry is still suffering financial losses from long-distance travel and commuting.

He said the industry continues to lose revenue because unvaccinated drivers are not allowed to travel across the border with passengers.

“In addition, when drivers dump passengers at the border, they lose even more money require us to charge 70% of capacity, ”he said.

Molecwa said tackling misinformation and conspiracy theories will challenge the adoption of vaccines among taxi drivers.